Have you ever said “let’s do lunch sometime” to a friend but never made the time to go?

 Have you ever said, “I’ll call you soon” but never picked up the phone to call?

 Have you ever said, “we have GOT to get together” but never arranged for a gathering?

 Sometimes we say these things because it seems the politically correct thing to say at the time but we never really follow through. Life and our to-do lists get in the way and we don’t ever call or go to lunch or plan a get-together.

 It’s important to follow through when we say these things.

 Have you ever said, “I’ll pray for you” but forgot to pray? Or prayed one time real quick and got busy with other prayers that seemed more important and didn’t continue praying for the one you promised to pray for?

 Prayer is important. Praying is a privilege. God is real. God listens. God already knows what’s on our mind and on our hearts but He wants to hear it from us.

 So with this in mind:

1) who do you need to meet for lunch?

2) who is waiting for you to call and chat?

3) who needs a get-together and some “friend time”?

4) who needs your commitment to pray?

You have your people call my people and let’s go Eat…Talk….Gather….Pray!

Sounds like a Baptist meeting to me!  Emoji