I’ve been watching Christmas movies all week and weekend on the Hallmark Channel as it celebrates Christmas in July.  I love Christmas and although I know it is very early (and way too hot) to celebrate Christmas, I do love the feeling I get from the Christmas music and watching the movies.

Tonight my daughter said, “I wish people could be in the good mood they are in at Christmas time all year long.”  I thought about that comment and realized that is why I love Christmas so much.  I love the kindness and the gift giving and the way people want to do things for other people during the Christmas season.

I love how the Christmas movies that are on the Hallmark Channel bring people, family and couples together; how they forgive others more easily during the holidays; how the people celebrate memories and traditions; how people take chances on exciting new things.

It makes me think of the saying I have on my mirror “Life is too short to live the same day twice”.  We are people of routine.  We are creatures of habit.  Sometimes we are just plain boring.  We get caught up in what we think has to be done and working to get more money and “stuff” that we forget about people and fun.

I don’t want to be boring.  I want to celebrate Christmas all year long.  I want to have that feeling of giving, forgiveness, creating memories, being excited about each day, feeling happy and taking chances on exciting new things.

I don’t want to live the same day twice.  I want to live each day to the fullest.  We do have to have some routine to our lives but not the same routine every day.  Try a new toothpaste flavor.  Eat something different for breakfast.  Drive a new way to work.  Change up your wardrobe a bit – no more black. Fix a new recipe for dinner. Make a new tradition with your family.  Create a bucket list and start living it.

Christmas should be celebrated all year long with kindness and excitement for life that we feel during December.  It’s only July but it’s only a short time to Christmas and I don’t want to live the same day twice!  I hope you don’t either.  Mix it up……everyday………it’s the most wonderful time of the year!