My daughter’s dear friend, Emily Huntington, was killed in a car accident her senior year in high school during basketball season due to a texting and driving accident.  Her life motto was LIVE, LAUGH, LEARN.

Emily was the happiest, most laid back, funny, silly girl I have ever met.  You couldn’t help but laugh when you were around her.  She went on vacation with us.  She and my husband teased each other with the names from Finding Nemo – Marlin & Dory –  for years.  She was the leader of the girl’s basketball team.  She was a true friend to those who knew her.  She always made you smile.

She created her own original motto of LIVE, LAUGH, LEARN for an art project she was working on and explained it this way:

LIVE by being who you want to be. LAUGH with your friends.  Tell jokes. Be young.  LEARN in school 7 hours a day.”

Emily was only 18 when she passed away but she taught me (along with many others) so much!!

She taught me how to LIVE life to the fullest; to make the most of every moment; and have “no regrets”.

She made me LAUGH.  She made me laugh so hard at times I could hardly breathe.  She was the life of the party…….the life of the basketball team……..the life of her class!! And she made our life happier when she was around.

She reminded me to LEARN as much as I can.  We can never stop learning – learning technology; learning how to constantly improve; and learning how to LIVE and LAUGH more.

She was an inspiration.  Her picture and motto are framed in our living room and I see it every day – every day I am reminded to LIVE life to the fullest; LAUGH every day and not take things too seriously; and LEARN something new every chance I get.

Thank you, Emily for teaching me, and so many others, how to LIVE, LAUGH, and LEARN!