A story came out today about how “bad” flip flop shoes are for your feet.  They apparently can mess up the arch and bones in your feet.  Believe it or not flip flops cause many injuries.  People trip and fall in them.  People walk out of them.  People twist their ankle in them.

No one should run in flip flops.  People shouldn’t walk backwards in flip flops.  People shouldn’t wear flip flops while driving a car because they can get caught on the gas pedal.  People shouldn’t wear flip flops while riding a bike because your foot could slip and cause a wreck.

Flip flops come in all sizes, colors and styles.   Most people own several pair and get to choose which flip flops to wear on which day.

In life we need to be careful not to fall into the FLIP FLOP category.  We need to stand firm on what we believe.  If not, we will flip flop to whatever color or size or style is popular with the devil’s way.  If we go with the devil’s ways, we can also find ourselves injured.  Flip flopping on our standards can cause us to wreck, can cause us to slip and fall, and can cause us to walk backwards away from God.

It’s okay to wear flip flops in everyday life.  Enjoy them.  Feel the freedom of open shoes.  But beware and don’t let the devil cause your life to flip flop.  Instead use the flip flops to quash the devil and learn to STAND FIRM for the Lord while stylin’ those pretty shoes.