I was just thinking about the world’s fascination with the British Royal Family.  We watch every move they make.  Tabloids report made-up information and “real media” report on the craziest of details – like what kind of jeans Kate Middleton is wearing to the park!

But we soak it all in.  We want to read more and more about the Royal family to see when they will have their next child and what they name it.  We want to see where they travel and what charities they support and the everyday people they help.  We want to know where they get their clothes and if they are available to “normal” people.

I admit that I am fascinated with the British Royal family as well.  I got up at 4 a.m. when I was in high school to watch Princess Diana come down the aisle with her magnificent wedding dress that included a 25-foot train.  I went to the display of Princess Diana’s life in Cincinnati a few months ago and I have picture books from her life showing all of her different hats and outfits and fun times with her sons.  I read the internet stories about Kate and Prince William and their fairytale lives.

But think about how much better this world would be if the media and the people around the world would put as much effort into reading and infatuation with being a part of the REAL ROYAL FAMILY; the one where Jesus is the King of Kings.  It would be awesome if we were all as interested in reading about who He hung out with and the people that He helped.  What if we could be as infatuated with His life and His every move and the miracles that He performed while on earth?

We don’t have to rely upon media and tabloids to find out information about the real King.  We have the Bible available that we know is the truth!  There are stories upon stories of acts of charity and how He lived his life – even what He wore and who He hung out with.  We even have some good sound advice from the King himself as to how to live our lives and who to help and how to act.

We may not get media attention from our connection with the King, but I think it’s pretty awesome that we are in line for the Royal kingdom and are already a part of the Royal family just for accepting the real King into our lives and trusting Him to lead us every day.

If you need me today and I don’t answer my cell, just leave me a message.  I’ll be having high tea with the King and meeting with Him off and on throughout the day!  You’re welcome to join me.