Today is October 13th.  I have a fun challenge for you.  I challenge you to DO or START one or more of the following 13 things today……..on the 13th:

1)  Compliment 13 people.
2)  Write down 13 things you are thankful for.
3)  Send a card or email to 13 different people – fun emails – not work emails!
4)  Exercise for 13 minutes.
5)  Take a baker’s dozen (13) of cookies to a neighbor.
6)  Pray for 13 minutes straight.
7)  Read 13 verses or 13 chapters in the Bible today.
8)  Sing for 13 straight minutes.
9)  Wave at the next 13 people you see while driving down the road.
10)  Call someone you’ve been thinking about and talk for at least 13 minutes.
11)  Throw away 13 pieces of junk mail on the counter.
12)  Set a timer for 13 minutes and organize a closet that’s been bugging you.
13)  Find 13 different names for God and Jesus in the Bible – i.e. Wonderful, Counselor, King of Kings…………now you only have 10 more!

And just for the record…….I don’t believe in Luck………..unless he wears #12 and plays for the Colts!!  Have a great 13th!!