Deanna here with another edition of Make A Difference Monday.

This week I am going to encourage you to make a difference to your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend (from now on I will refer to them as SIG-OTHS…significant others) 🙂 .  If you don’t have a SIG-OTH, then I encourage you to find someone close to you who you sometimes forget to be kind to.

It’s easy for us to overlook our SIG-OTH because sometimes, let’s just admit it – we tend to take advantage of them.  For example, I know that every day my husband picks up the mail.   I drive right by the mailbox every evening but never think to pick up the mail.  Why?  Because I have come to expect him to pick up the mail.

Also on evenings that he gets home before I do which is typically during non-planting or non-harvest months,  I know that he is probably going to have dinner ready for me.  During planting and harvest months, he knows that I am going to bring dinner to the fields.  Sometimes these acts of kindness may get overlooked because we have become accustomed to them just being done for us.

Is there something in your life that your SIG-OTH does for you that you have gotten used to and for which you forget to thank them?  Take the opportunity this week to show kindness to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or someone very close to you to let them know how much you appreciate all they do.

Bake their favorite cookie or cupcake.  Make a candlelight dinner.  Buy them a card and leave on the counter.  Send flowers.  Do a chore that they hate doing.  Watch a movie or TV show that is their favorite that you normally don’t like watching (like every FOX news show on cable TV! hahaha) without complaining or leaving the room.  🙂

Leave a special note on the mirror or in their vehicle for them to find.  Send a “thank you for all you do” text.  Take them out to dinner or bring home their favorite take-out.

Whatever the gesture may be, do something special for your SIG-OTH today.  I promise you, that when done in love, it will make a difference to your day as well.  Happy Monday and let’s go change the world together……one act of kindness at a time!