For Make A Difference Monday, I am challenging you (and me) to send a card to someone every day this week.  “No one has a birthday” you may say.  “Who could I send a card to?”  Dr. Seuss says “Oh the places we could go.”  Dr. Deanna says, “Oh the places we could send.”  🙂

Here are some ideas:

*the working mom who needs a little encouragement that she is doing great.
*the single dad who plays the role of both parents with grace.
*the worship leader at church who put together a great service on Sunday.
*the pastor who works tirelessly to serve the congregation.
*the coworker who put forth extra effort to make the project complete on time.
*the friend you haven’t seen for a while.
*the cousin you used to play with every Sunday at grandma’s house.
*the author of a good book you just read.
*the newspaper columnist who wrote a great article you enjoyed.
*the neighbor who needs to know you care.
*the student who received a special award.
*the nurse who gave special care to your mom.
*the doctor who calmed your child during stitches.
*the teacher who took extra time with your son.
*the coach who knew it was more than about the win.

There are many opportunities to send cards to people who sometimes we don’t remember could use some encouragement.  Take time this week to think about some of those people and then go make a difference to someone by encouraging them with a card.  Let’s go change the world, one act of kindness at a time!