When we purchase about anything these days, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.  I purchased $10 headphones the other day and you could buy an additional manufacturer’s warranty for them!

Our electronics have warranties.  Our appliances have warranties.  Our cars have warranties.  Even caskets have warranties!

If the appliance breaks down or a part goes bad within the time period allotted for the warranty, you just contact the maker and they will replace the defective part and make the appliance good as new.

Sometimes I wish parts of my body had warranties so that when my shoulder had a tear in it, I could just turn it in for a new one.  (But actually Dr. Robert Rolf at Beacon Orthopedics made my shoulder good as new.  So in reality, he took care of the “warranty” on my shoulder! 🙂 )

What are you struggling with today?  What are you trying to fix on your own?  Call upon the original Manufacturer and let Jesus take over and fix it.  He may not fix the solution like we think He should but I guarantee that He will make us good as new and filled with Joy if we will just turn it over to Him.

How many times do we try to fix our own electronics or appliances or vehicles and we just make a bigger mess of it?  Then we call the manufacturer and they provide someone to fix it properly and make it good as new.

God provided his only Son, Jesus to come into this world that is all messed up to give us an opportunity to have a relationship with Him, the Manufacturer of our soul.  His warranty never runs out.  When you give your life to Him, He guarantees a forever warranty… a life in heaven full of endless joy.  I’m talking no aches and pains; no wrinkles; no fighting; no hatred and no politics!  Just joy.  Sweet endless love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and gentleness.

Let’s give our problems, our worries and our heartbreaks to Jesus and let Him give us a new life that is guaranteed for eternity.  We can’t get a better manufacturer’s warranty than that.