As you prepare to start working on your goals for the new year, remember not to start your day off running toward accomplishing THINGS and marking THINGS off the list.  Remember to start your day in meditation, prayer and scripture reading.

Jesus tells the story in Luke 11:38 -42 where He was visiting sisters Mary and Martha.  Martha was being the good little hostess and trying to make everything just perfect – a lot like we do – making sure the table is set beautifully, the house is spic and span, the food is scrumptious and the experience is perfect.  Jesus tells us it is not the THINGS that matter but rather the relationships.

Martha was aggravated that no one was helping her get THINGS perfect for the dinner.  I’m sure Martha thought Mary was being “lazy”.  (A lot like sometimes we think people are when they aren’t doing what we think they should be doing as we are running around the house preparing for company!)

But Jesus put things in perspective when He told Martha that it wasn’t about what they were eating or how beautiful the table was set or how clean the house was.  It was the relationship and the time Mary was spending with Jesus that mattered.

So let’s remember this as we go through the year.  The goals are important.  Getting things done and becoming a better person is important.  But nothing is more important than the relationship with Jesus.  Start your day out with Him and all the other goals and accomplishments will fall into place.

It’s okay to be a Martha; just start your day like Mary……….at the feet of Jesus………….Scoot over Mary, I need to listen too!