Remember the good ole days of letters?  You know the kind with a stamp on it that goes in a little box out by the road and a red flag is raised to alert a guy in a car to pick it up and deliver it to your friend???

No one seems to take time to write letters anymore.  Now  we email, facebook, text, face time, tweet and instagram messages to each other. Sometimes we text the person in the basement so we don’t have to get up and walk downstairs!!!  (Go on…….admit it…’ve done it.)

The way of getting out a piece of stationery and an ink pen and writing a letter seems like too much work to us.  We live in a world of “automatic”, “fast paced”, and “no time to wait” mentality.  We want instant gratification and response to our messages.  No time to wait on hand delivered mail.

But do you like getting mail?  Not junk mail but letters or cards?  Does it bring a smile to your face to see something fun among all the bills and junk mail?

I have a friend who made a New Year’s goal to send a card to someone everyday this year.  What if we stop our merry-go-round, fast paced world for just a few minutes and make someone feel special?  My challenge to you today is to think about people to whom you could send a hand-written letter or a card with a hand-written note each day this coming week. 

Have fun with it ……..pick out a fun pen to write with, a beautiful piece of stationery, a funny card and go to the post office and buy some stamps.  Yes, just like the good ole days – they do still have post offices that sell stamps………and you don’t even have to lick them anymore!!  Maybe you’ll like writing on paper so much it will become “automatic”!