When I was in elementary school, my best friend Angie, lived down the gravel road from me and we would play together every day.  We would call each other on the “party line” telephone (which doesn’t mean what it means today) and make our plans.  Sometimes I would ride my bike to her house and we would meet at the old barn and sometimes she would ride her bike to my house and meet at the tree in the back yard.

We moved from that house to a house that had a tree in the front yard.  My sister and I used to twirl our batons under that tree until we wore out a patch of dead grass.  Years later my girls would climb that same tree and pitch softball under that tree.  That patch of dead grass still hasn’t grown back in completely!

At my home now we have a big tree in the back yard where our kids had bon fires with their friends.  It’s where a few family pets are buried and we watch squirrels feed from the corn feeder to this day.

Jesus wants us to meet Him at the tree also.  He didn’t play dolls or twirl a baton or pitch softball around His tree.   No.  People gambled for His clothing while He suffered on His tree.  But the good news is that His tree now stands for salvation because He rose again and that tree is now empty.

Let’s meet Him at the foot of His tree today.