Have you ever been mad at something or someone but when you calm down you realize it wasn’t really them you were mad at but you took it out on them?
Let me explain – like when you’re at the BMV and you don’t have the right papers required to get your new license, you get mad at the lady waiting on you. That’s really not her fault but rather the higher agency that set the rules.
Or your meal comes out overcooked at the restaurant and you don’t leave the waitress a tip. The waitress didn’t cook the food. It’s probably not her fault but rather the cook in the kitchen.
We have to remember not to misplace anger in other areas of our lives when people act out in evil ways. We have a big duty to fight against the devil and the evils in the spiritual realm rather than the physical people doing the acting out. The devil is crafty and this world’s crazy. We need to be on our knees praying against the devil’s wicked schemes every day and putting on our own armor so he can’t get at us.
Read Ephesians 6:10-18 to find out how we should dress each day to fight the real enemy. He will not win because I’ve read the end of the Book…Jesus and his followers win!
Take that Satan!