This morning, for the first time in over 20 years of getting up and walking out of my bedroom, I wasn’t greeted with a signature meow and a friendly leg hug from our family kitty cat.

The girls named her Rugrat back in the days when the popular cartoon was their favorite.  She was the cutest little kitty.  Morgan was only 3 years old when I brought her home.  Roger wasn’t overjoyed with our new addition but he grew to love her and joined us in our heartbreak of tears yesterday as she finished her long life.

I know she was just a cat.  Some people think it’s silly to cry over animals.  But she had become a part of our family.  Heck – some days she ruled this household!  And although there were days her constant need to be under my feet was annoying, I was so very sad as she became too weak to stand on her own.

And this morning with a little empty spot in my being I think about how thankful I am that every morning when I wake up God meets me at the door to the day.  He is right there waiting to grab my hand and take me through the journey that He has planned.  He meets me in my quiet time.  He meets me at work.  He meets me at lunch.  He meets me in the car.  He meets me at the park.  He meets me on my evening walks.  He meets me at the dinner table.  He meets me in the stillness of the night.

Whether you have lost a loved one, a beloved animal, a job, a friendship or a marriage, know that whatever you go through God is waiting right there to greet you with His special greeting at every turn in your day.  I don’t know if there is a kitty cat heaven, but I like to picture her sitting on God’s lap now and He is giving her the special treats and scratches on the head she loved so much.  🙂