My husband, Roger, and I were in WalMart last night purchasing hundreds of dollars of WalMart gift cards to put in buckets to be delivered to Riley Children’s Hospital today.  Because we were purchasing so many, it took quite a while.  We had purchased a few other items that were already in the cart.  I decided to place the gift cards in a bag on the bag carousel to keep them all together.

I swiped my debit card, collected the long receipt and placed it in my purse.  We had to purchase one more item separately and then we would be on our way.  After putting receipts, debit card and my glasses back in my purse, we headed to the exit and Roger remembered he needed Mountain Dew.  I told him to go ahead and get the drink and I would stay in the front of the store and wait.  While I was waiting I decided to tie up the plastic bags and sort the Bucket Buddies items from the personal items we purchased.

That’s when I realized it – THE GIFT CARDS WERE NOT WITH THE OTHER BAGS.  Panic set in and I immediately turned around and practically ran to the check out line I had just left.  Thankfully the gift cards were still sitting in the bag right where I had left them.

Some people may think I was just lucky but I believe God intervened.  Why?  Because:  1)  WalMart was not busy (and how often does that happen)?.  2)  The person who had checked out behind me did not need a bag so it wasn’t accidentally given to someone else.  3)  Roger remembered at just the right time he needed Mountain Dew.  4)  While waiting, I noticed the gift cards were missing rather than when I had already driven home.

Luck?  No way.  When we tell the story, God allowed Mountain Dew to save the day…. along with $400 worth of gift cards for kids at children’s hospitals.  Thank you, Lord for your intervention…and the sweet taste of Mountain Dew!