Yesterday’s  blog post was about waiting patiently on the Lord……….I’m still waiting on some things but man, did He answer quickly on some other things!!

I have created a mission called Bucket Buddies® mission that is designed to make a difference to cancer patients by providing a bucket full of small gifts.  My main focus is on providing buckets to children in hospitals.  The buckets may contain things such as crayons, coloring book, Hot Wheels® car, journal, pen, lip gloss, fingernail polish, bubbles, etc. depending on the age group.  I’ve felt called to do this mission for some time and have done it a little bit at a time but decided after my sister went into the hospice program a few months ago to really try and make a difference in her honor.

I decided to send letters to some children’s hospitals in Indiana and also to a children’s hospital in Tennessee that I have donated to for about 20 years.  I hadn’t heard anything for about 10 days so I started praying.  Within 2 hours, I had a contact and interest from one hospital in Northern Indiana.  Within 2 more hours, I had another contact in Northern Indiana who were interested in learning more about the program as well.

But the big answer came yesterday afternoon as I was really struggling with worry about some things.  My cell phone rang and it was a lady from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee.  She was calling to inquire about my letter to them and the gift buckets.  She would like me to start with donating 100 buckets!!  She was the sweetest gal and I feel like probably a Christian lady.  We are in the process of arranging our visit within the next six weeks and presenting them with the gift buckets for the children!

Here I was trying to find an outlet for these gift buckets, wondering if it was just a stupid idea.  But God quashed those doubts quickly and now I am overwhelmed with response and thankful to the Lord for His QUICK answer to prayer.  Now I have to trust in Him to provide the money for the extra buckets! hahha   I know He will because my devotional this morning included this scripture:  Isaiah 26:4 – Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord is the Rock eternal.

His timing is perfect!!  Karen Peck has a song titled “When He’s Three Days Late, He’s Right on Time”.  I’m just smiling and even laughing out loud………….however, I’m not sure He’s laughing.  He’s shaking His head and mumbling “why do these creatures ever doubt??” Well this little creature is going to try to stop her doubting and remember to keep her eyes focused on the Lord of the universe who has it all under control.  He loves me so much He even cares enough to fill my buckets!  How awesome is that!!