I heard this saying the other day and it really stuck with me:


Let’s think about that……..

1)  Go to a friend’s house for dinner – bring a covered dish.
2)  Go to a co-worker’s house for a party – bring a hostess gift.
3)  Go to a meeting  – bring a notebook and a pen.
4)  Go to a wedding reception – bring a gift.
5)  Go to a restaurant – bring your money.
6)  Go on vacation – bring your camera.
7)  Go to church – bring your Bible.
8)  Go to an airport – bring your passport.
9)  Go to a theatre production – bring your ticket.
10)  Go to a doctor’s office – bring your insurance card.

Almost every day we go somewhere and we always try to be prepared.  We never want to show up empty-handed – without the things that we need.  Each day when we enter the mission field of life, we need to be prepared as well.  We need to be sure to study our Bible. Pray and seek direction from God.  Ask Him where He wants us to go today. Ask Him who He wants us to help today so that we can be sure to be prepared and to never show up for God’s work empty-handed.