No Dumpster Diving!

Could you use a dumpster at your house?

I see big dumpsters at people’s homes a lot here lately as roofs are being replaced or inside of homes are being remodeled.  People need something bigger than a normal trash can to get rid of the junk and the trash.

If I had a dumpster at my house, I would just start decluttering my home.  I am trying to do that one room at a time right now but if I had a dumpster, I would do it faster.

Why?  Because it’s bigger than a little trash can and it makes me want to fill it up with all the trash and junk I don’t want anymore.  I think about how much unwanted things I have in my house.  A lot of things I thought I needed but don’t or things I have been hanging onto because it was easier to keep than to deal with.

It’s so freeing to declutter.  Whether it’s a room or a car or a purse, there is just something freeing about getting all the trash and junk out to be able to enjoy and live a little lighter.

That’s what Jesus tells us about the junk, the trash, the baggage we are hanging on to in our own lives.  The devil wants us to think we need to keep that sin in our lives, that shame, that hurt, that unforgiveness…that baggage and trash.  But Jesus said to let it go and believe that He loves you no matter what.

It’s time to put the junk in the dumpster.  Jesus tells us in John 8:32 – then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.  The truth is that Jesus removes junk, forgives and loves us forever.  Fill up the dumpster with all that junk and live free in knowing the truth of Jesus.

And NO DUMPSTER DIVING to go back and get it.  Once He takes it, He keeps it and doesn’t ever want you to have that junk again.  Happy Decluttering!

4 thoughts on “No Dumpster Diving!

  1. Laurie Hannus

    Your daily posts always inspire me! I’m in the midst of decluttering as well and it is a freeing feeling!! I love the way you compare it to our lives… amen!
    God bless you! XO

    1. Deanna Young Post author

      Thank you. I find myself dumpster diving a lot, too. God’s got it! Whatever God lays on my heart to write is what I’m usually dealing with! Preaching to the choir! haha Hope all is well with you. 🙂


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