A few weeks ago I was putting up the Christmas lights on my bushes.  I have those net lights and I try to keep them somewhat “untangled” during the year by hanging them from nails in the garage or attic to keep them straight.  Well as I took them down and went to place them on the bushes, they got tangled and it was very frustrating trying to get them sorted out.  Finally, I did get them untangled and got all of the shrubs covered with the net lighting.

Then I went to connect them to extension cords and guess what?  The extension cords were all tangled up as well.  I was getting very frustrated and after about 15 minutes of wrestling with green extension cords, I finally was able to get the lights connected, the extension cords plugged into the outlets and WAH LAH…….beautiful colorful Christmas lights!!  The frustration was worth the end result of the decoration.

It reminds me of the difficulties in my life.  Like when the lights are taken down, I find my life in order and planned and things stored away nice and neat and hung correctly so that no tangles occur.   Then before I know it, I get caught up in sin and selfishness and find that I have made a tangled mess of things on my own.  I tug and pull and try my way to get things to work and get untangled, when what I really need is a little patience and some assistance from the One who knows how to get me untangled.

When I focus on the Lord, I realize that no matter how big of a tangled mess I make of things, He is always right there to help me sort it out and put me back on the right track and make a beautiful creation of what was once a tangled mess.

When you get stressed or tangled, stop, take your time, pray, and get plugged into the power source – the Almighty God.  Then……..You will shine BEAUTIFULLY!