I love Oreo® cookies and milk. I love taking the Oreo cookies apart and licking out the cream in the middle.

I love dunking the cookies in the milk until they are mushy and then letting the cookie melt in my mouth.

Oreo® cookies were first introduced in 1912. They have become the best selling cookie in the United States!

There are at least 23 different flavors of Oreo cookies. But the very basic, go-to cookie is still the original, white, cream-filled Oreo cookie.

It’s just like us. We are all created by the same God. We are all humans with basic needs. But yet we are different “flavors”. We have different spiritual gifts. We have different strengths and we are at different levels in our walk with Christ.  We are different colors, different sizes, different denominations.  But we are created by the one and only God.  The Original.

It’s okay to be different flavors in our Christian life.  That’s what makes us unique!  But remember even though we are all different, we all come from the Original One – just like the Oreo cookie.  Be who you are in Christ.  Be unique in what you do for Christ.  Be the flavor you were made to be.  But remember who you are and WHOSE you are.

There’s only ONE Original Oreo cookie.  There’s only ONE God.  But thank goodness we can all be the unique flavor He made us to be as we walk through our sweet life – one dunked Oreo at a time!