I’ve been on this organizing kick!  I organized my entire kitchen – cabinets, drawers, under the sink, china cabinet, etc.  My husband just rolls his eyes and goes with it!  I know I am a very weird person, but I love organization.

I watch videos on organizing.  I read blogs on organizing.  I read books on organizing.  My friend, Stephanie Stenger Jones (GivingGal.com) and I share best practices of organizing.  I have several friends that are my accountability partners in organizing.  It’s crazy, I know.

When we have guests for dinner, I like to have things organized, the table set, the house in tip top shape and things available so our guests don’t have to ask for anything.  It takes time and a lot of patience and work.  Sometimes it wears me out!  But in this sick kind of way, I love it even when I am tired.

I think we are like that sometimes with the Lord.  We think we need to get our “house” all cleaned up – our life in order and our flaws fixed – before we let Him in.  But it’s actually the opposite.  He wants us to come just as we are – an unorganized hot mess!  His way of organizing us and His blessings for us are way more than we can ever imagine or could do for ourselves.

So as you think about organizing your home and other areas of your everyday life, remember that the most important area that needs cleaned up is the easiest.  All we have to do is ask Jesus to come into our “home” and He will clean it all up and make it white as snow with His precious cleaning and organizing work.  It’s so easy and trust me … it will NOT wear you out but instead give you joy, peace and energy everlasting!