UGGHHH!!  The frustration of having to slow down while driving on the two-lane road for the OVERSIZE LOAD coming your way!

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?  The little truck coming at you with a banner across its grill with what seems like a 70-foot bicycle flag waving in the wind announcing the approaching oversize load that will take up its side of the highway and 3/4 of your side.

There’s just something about that oversize load that aggravates me.  It interrupts my smooth flow of driving.  It’s annoying that I have to slow down and share my legal-right-of-way with some larger-than-life piece of equipment or motor or water pump.

Then I started feeling guilty about my selfishness of the 15 seconds of interruption on my route.  Whoever is getting that new John Deere® tractor is going to be one happy farmer.  And whoever is just about to receive their new home or big ole boat is really going to be excited.  And whatever electric facility that is receiving that humongous motor will be able to provide electric to a ton of people.

How selfish of me!!  And then I started thinking about the blessings that we receive everyday.  God is flowing down oversize loads of blessings every day for us and we get aggravated because they stop the natural flow of our day.  Heading out the door late for work and spill coffee on your skirt only to realize the skirt had a rip in it and you would have had a pretty embarrassing day had you not noticed before you left.  Hummmm thank you Lord for that blessing in disguise.

I could go on and on with examples but you get the idea.  Today I am going to try to look for the positive in the aggravation and see what oversize blessings God is giving me today.  I don’t want to miss them but sometimes He has to hold up the banner and wave the bicycle flag to remind me that an oversize load of blessings is coming my way.

Thank you, Lord for my oversize load of blessings!