Have you ever been carrying in groceries after a long trip to the super market and you think you can get just one more of those little plastic bags over your forearm or one more recycle bag on your shoulder as you carry the handled paper bag into the house?  You have to walk slowly because the bags keep hitting your leg as you walk!

As you carry the heavy load of groceries in the house, there sits your spouse and a couple teenagers just staring at you.  They jump up and ask if they can help you.  One by one they peel the bags from your wrist that now seem permanently embedded in your skin as you sit down the other bags.  Ohhhhhhh ….. relief!

Then they say, “we will get the other load”.  As you follow them out to supervise, you realize they already gathered everything, leaving you nothing to carry;  nothing to do but walk in the house empty-handed and free from a heavy load.

Then  it hits you.  That is exactly how a relationship with Jesus works!  We drag around the heavy load, grumpy and complaining; trying to carry it all ourselves; piling on more and more.  Then we look around and Jesus is right there begging to help.  He helps remove the load we’re carrying and then takes anything else we will give to Him.

It feels so much better not to have to carry that heavy load.  It feels so good not to have to do it all.  Whatever IT is, whether our baggage is in paper, plastic or recycle bags, we need to give it up to Him today and let Him carry the load.  There’s no reason for us to work so hard when He is willing to do it for us!!

No more worry. No more trying to fix it.  No more carrying it all yourself.  Give the load to Him to carry.  No need to supervise.  He’s a lot stronger than we are and He knows the best way to handle a heavy load.

Matthew 11:28 – Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.