Number 52 passes the basketball to 42 as he jumps above the rim and SLAM!  Ally-oop for 2!!  Perfect Timing!

Baseball 90 miles an hour right down the middle. Number 5 connects and with a crack of the bat it sails out to center field seats.  Home run!!  Perfect Timing on that swing!

Hail Mary pass thrown down mid-field, caught by the wide receiver and touchdown!!  Perfect timing on that pass/reception combo!

Perfect timing.  Everything aligns up the way it should.  Conditions are perfect and success is achieved.

That’s our God.  He’s never in a hurry but He is always right on time.  Conditions are just as He wants them.  It may not be our timing or our conditions.  But He grows us to exactly where He wants us and then shows Himself in just the right way at just the right time.  Thank you, Lord that even when you’re late by my watch, you have Perfect Timing!