As we approach the inauguration of the incoming President #45 in the United States, many people are wondering how the polls could have been so wrong.  Polls showed that Hilary Clinton was going to win the 2016 presidential election by a landslide.  But at the end of the night, whether you agree with the electoral college process or not, Donald Trump was crowned President.

Media and people around the world were stunned!  How could the polls have been so wrong?  After much investigation it appears that people were afraid to say out loud that they supported Trump but when standing behind closed curtains in front of a voting machine, they pulled the lever for Donald Trump.

If asked do you believe in Jesus, would you admit it?  Even if others would make fun of you?  Do you go to church on Sundays and feel comfortable around other church goers but when heading out into the real world, you don’t tell the “pollsters” that you believe?  Is it more comfortable for you to worship Jesus behind the closed walls of your home or your church?

When asked, don’t be afraid to profess you believe in Jesus.  Pollsters can’t manipulate this one. Because at the end of time, Jesus holds the book of believers.  Satan is defeated and Jesus is crowned the King of Kings.   I want to be sure to be on His side…and I want you there, too!