April 10th was National Golfer’s Day.  Who knew?  But according to the “Everyday’s A Holiday” calendar, it is indeed a real live holiday.  It made me think of a story I heard the other day.

A famous golfer from the United States got invited by a king from Saudi Arabia to come to his country to play golf with him. The king sent his plane to the United States to pick up the golfer and bring him to Saudi Arabia.  The golfer and the king spent a week playing golf at the nicest of  courses and the golfer was treated like royalty while in the king’s country.  When the week was finished, the king said to the golfer “you have been very kind to come to my country and spend the week playing golf with me.  I want to give you something to thank you.”

The golfer was very humbled and appreciative for all the king had done for him and told the king he did not need any kind of gift.  The king insisted on giving the golfer something as a token of his appreciation.  The king said “please tell me something that I could give you.  Do you collect something?  Or is there anything I could give you that you don’t have?”  The golfer replied, “well I do collect golf clubs.”  The king was excited with the suggestion.

Throughout the coming weeks the golfer couldn’t help but think about what kind of a golf club the king would send him.  Diamond studded driver?  Solid gold putter?  He watched the mail each day in anticipation for a package and was getting excited to see what kind of golf club he would receive.

Finally one day a certified letter came in the mail from the king.  The golfer opened the letter and inside found a deed to an 18-hole elaborate golf club.  The moral of the story:  sometimes kings think differently than we do.

What we need to understand is that we have a KING who thinks differently than we do.  We sometimes put a limit in our mind on what our King can do thinking that He may give us a gold putter when in reality He is waiting to give us a golf course.

We need to understand that our God can do far more than we can ever imagine.  Ephesians 3:20 [Message Bible] says that God can do anything, you know – far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams.

So stop thinking small……….stop thinking God doesn’t care about your little problem…..stop creating plans in your own mind to fix a situation…….stop taking things into your own hands.  Cry out to Jesus.  He’s bigger than the problem and bigger than your little answer.  Let Him determine the answer.  Let Him fix the problem.  Let Him pick the course.  He is the Ultimate King and he wants to do more than just “play golf”.  He wants to “buy you the course”.