When you go to the doctor for an ailment, he or she usually pokes, prods and presses on the affected area trying to see if they can diagnosis the complaint.  For example, several years ago I couldn’t raise my arm over a certain height.  It wouldn’t go backwards without extreme pain, and I had a dull aching in various places in my shoulder and down my arm.

I went to my favorite orthopedic doctor, Dr. Robert Rolf (so sad I have been to orthos enough to have a favorite) and he diagnosed a labrum tear.  The poking, prodding, and pressing was not a fun encounter, I must say, but the end result is 100% use of that shoulder.  It took Dr. Rolf poking, prodding and pressing to make me realize that he knew what was wrong, and I needed to give in and let him fix it.

When I gave in, the journey wasn’t easy, I must admit.  As a matter of a fact, it was hard, but I knew if I followed his directions and did my therapy consistently, I would be able to use my shoulder to full capacity again.

That’s how it is when Jesus speaks to us asking us to let Him take direction for things in our lives.  Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit poke you?  You know….like had this deep down feeling that you needed to do something, give in to something or give something up?

That could be Jesus speaking to your heart.  He knows our ailment.  He knows our struggles.   He knows that He is the answer, but He needs to get our attention so He pokes here and prods there and presses into our heart until we say “you know best.”

The journey may not be easy but when you trust in the One who has the path marked out and knows you can be 100% closer to Him by following His lead, why wouldn’t you give in and let the Great Physician work?

Poke. Prod. Press.