I love vacations.  Our family loves to travel.  Our goal was to visit all 50 states by the time my husband and I were 50 years old.  I am proud to say – “we did it”!!  Our last state to visit was Alaska, and we took a family cruise to commemorate the occasion.

I was thinking about why people like to go on vacations.
We like to go somewhere that is out of the flow of our everyday life.
We like to go somewhere to be by ourselves and away from our coworkers.
We like to go to find peace.
We take pictures to help us remember the adventure.
We like to go back a few years later and reminisce over the vacation and see how much the kids have grown.
It’s always so nice to be able to get away and relax.

We can do that with our prayer time.  There are so many similarities between our prayer time and our vacation time.

When we pray we need to go somewhere that is out of the flow of the busyness of life – a quiet place.
When we pray we need to get away from everyone and just be by ourselves.
When we pray we are seeking peace from the One who gives peace.
When we pray, it can be helpful to keep a prayer journal so we can remember our prayers.
A prayer journal is also fun to look at years later and see how prayers were answered and how much we have grown in our Christian walk.
Prayer time is a great way to get away and relax by just spending time with the Lord.

As we begin our week, let’s think about starting off on the right foot seeking a quiet place to find peace; to pray and listen to God as we find joy on this “Praycation” journey.