In the novel and movie, Pride and Prejudice, we see the title portrayed by the attitudes of two characters, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.  Both are very prideful and prejudice toward the other judging their upbringing and character as they clash personalities.

But as all good love stories go, the wall of pride falls down and they admit their love for each other. Throughout this story, there are instances of pride overtaking peace.  They continued to argue and fight against each other when really they were striving for some of the same things and actually had a lot of the same ideals.  But because of the initial feeling toward each other and not wanting to give in to being wrong, they continued on this prideful journey to almost lose an everlasting love.

I see this so much in our lives today.  We are so prideful that we won’t apologize or admit we were wrong about something.  We won’t admit we have more information or wisdom now and our thoughts have changed about something.  I’ve seen pride break down families, tear up marriages, end friendships and cause people to turn against God.  I’ve seen people give up eternity in heaven all because of pride.

Is there something that you are holding on to because you do not want to admit you may be wrong?  Is there something standing in the way of finding peace with someone or maybe even peace with God because you can’t let go of controlling something?  Is God gently nudging you to put down your pride and exchange it for peace?

Whatever it is, I encourage you to lay down your pride and take the first step to peace.  There is no greater love than this – that a man would lay down his life for a friend.  (John 15:13)  Jesus was that man.  He died to overcome Pride in order for you to live in Peace.  Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall – Proverbs 16:18.

Give in today.  Give it TO HIM today.  Lay down pride because I know Peace will feel much better than the hurt of the fall.