My girls always loved to have their Dad in the stands when they played basketball.  They liked having me there, too but they REALLY liked having their Dad.  We would always come home after the ballgames and highlight every important play and relive the excitement.  They loved sharing these moments with their Dad and seeing how proud he was of them.  They worked hard to be able to make him proud.

To this day I still like it when my Dad tells me how proud he is of me for something.  I work hard and like to tell my Dad when I reach a goal or have success and secretly hope he is proud of me – even as old as I am.

We should work as hard for our Heavenly Father.  We should spend each day:

1)  studying our Bible to find out how to be more like Jesus
2)  praying to God for direction in all of our decisions
3)  spending time in worship honoring our Heavenly Father

Jesus lets us know how proud He is of us through blessings and the presence of the Holy Spirit sometimes found in that joyful feeling deep down inside.

We also need to remember to tell those who look up to us how proud we are of them.  Why is that important?  Because we may be the only Jesus they ever see and telling them how proud we are of their accomplishments and hard work is an open door to share how we can all work to make our Heavenly Father proud.

Who do you need to tell today that you are proud of them?

What do you need to do today to make your Heavenly Father proud of you?

Go on.  Get busy.  We’ve got a lot to do!!