Isn’t it frustrating when you call a business and want to speak to a human being and get “Please Push one for a list of employees.  Push two for Human Resources.  Push three for Sales”  and on and on.  You get to number nine and it says “to repeat or to go back to the main menu Push nine”.  So you have to listen to all those prompts again just to remember what number you need to Push!!

Then you Push the number you think you need and get a second set of prompts:  “Push one for a list of cars our employees drive.  Push two for a list of food available in the vending machines.  Push three for the colors available in the lobby area.”

That’s what it feels like………..just give me a live person!!   Sometimes  it takes longer to get to the prompt with the information you need than it does to actually get the information!!

Aren’t you glad we don’t have to Push buttons to talk to the Lord!  Can you imagine……..”Push one if you read your Bible today.  Push two if you have prayed in the last 24 hours.  Push three if you attended church at least once this week.  Push four if you did something kind for your neighbor.  Push five if you need another chance.” hahhaha  I think we would all have to Push five!!

The good news is when we call Him, He is right there.  He is with us always.  We may have to wait on our answer, but we don’t have to wait to talk to Him.  So the next time you make a call and get a list of prompts, instead of getting frustrated, just be thankful this “prompt nonsense” is not God’s way of life!

“Hello, God.  Thanks for answering on the first ring.”