Have you ever been to a golf tournament?  As the golfer steps up to hit his golf ball, there are officials holding signs that say “Quiet Please”.  Spectators know that this is the protocol and when a golfer is getting ready to hit, the crowd needs to keep Quiet.  The golfer needs complete silence to be in the moment.

When you are in a library, there are signs that read “Quiet Please” and readers know this is the proper protocol for a library.  People need peace and quiet to be able to read and study.

When people are in a movie theatre, it is proper protocol to be quiet as well.  The notices on the advertisement screens remind you to turn your cell phone off and to be Quiet Please.  People do not want to be distracted by noises as they watch the movie.

Why do they ask everyone to be Quiet in these situations?  Because noise disrupts the golfer, the reader and the movie watcher!   It’s hard to concentrate on the shot or the book or the movie when there is noise.

It’s the same when we have our Quiet Time with the Lord.  He wants us to be in a place where we can focus on Him and His word as we read the Bible.  He wants us to not be distracted by the noises of the TV, phones, and voices while we are spending time with Him.  In order to do that we may have to get up early.  We may have to go to the closet.  We may have to go to the car.

Whenever you choose to have your Quiet Time with the Lord, it is important to focus on the QUIET part.  It’s okay to pray out loud and talk to the Lord, but sometimes He just wants us to sit and be still.  When we keep asking for things of the Lord and don’t take time to be still, we may miss something important.  Pay attention during your Quiet Time and focus on the moment at hand.  We may just hear Him whisper to us, “Quiet Please”……reminding us to “Be still and know that [He is] God.”  Psalm 46:10.

This week challenge yourself to find that Quiet Place to have your Quiet Time with the Lord.  You think you don’t have time?  You don’t have time NOT to.  Don’t argue………..”Quiet Please.”    Emoji