As I was thinking about the end of August and the fact that we are starting to wind down the defined summer months and head into fall, I began thinking about my 2014 New Year’s goals.

What goals had I set?  Which goals were completed?  Which were still ongoing?  Which ones had I not even attempted?

I love setting goals at the end of each year for the upcoming year.  I journal a lot so I write every goal down in my journal with details about that goal and ideas of how to accomplish them.  I make goals in categories of  physical, spiritual, friendship, missions, organization, family, fun, hobbies and house decorating.  Yes, I am crazy!

People would laugh if they saw my journal and my goals.  So for a good laugh for you, I’m going to share some of my quirky goals with you.  Under physical goals for this year, one of my goals was to have soda pop only 1 day per week – okay I’ve blown that one!  But who’s to say I can’t start that one over right now?  Starting today……I am going to try to have only one pop per week.  Glad it’s Saturday and I can have a Diet Mountain Dew today and then tomorrow is a new week! Emoji

Under my spiritual category, one of my goals was to create the Bucket Buddies website because this encompassed my mission to help others and my blog that helps me to grow spiritually as I write and study and read scripture to help me with my writing.  HEY…….I CAN CHECK THAT ONE OFF!!  And you know that one is true because you’re reading it now!  Emoji

Under the hobbies category, I wrote “learn to paint on canvas and scrapbook my Alaska, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles trips”.  Unfortunately I haven’t done any of that yet.  BUT who’s to say I can’t start the scrapbooking now!  I think I will plan on starting to scrapbook in September.  That gives me 4 whole months to try and meet that goal.  Oh and now I have to add my Florida trip to that list.  YIKES!  Maybe I should take a sabbatical from my job. Emoji

House category – sort through all my jewelry.  CHECK!!  (And trust me that took about a week to sort through jewelry, color code, and organize by kind – necklace, earrings, rings, watches, pins, bracelets).  SEE…..I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WOULD LAUGH!  I can also mark off “front porch decorated”, “new front door”, “kitchen painted” (after next week)  and “craft room organized”.  WHEW I’m on a roll!  Hummmmmmmm seems like the house decorating and organizing took priority so far this year.  Emoji

I still have to get a lot of books read that were on my list.  I still need to try a new recipe each month, learn more about geography and history, send more cards, and study my Bible more.  How am I going to get all this done AND watch the Colts and Peyton play football each week? Emoji

So……………what were your New Year’s goals?  What did you want to accomplish in 2014?  Don’t give up.  It’s only the end of August…………I bet you have accomplished more than you think.

Remember – we have four whole months before we do this goal-setting exercise again.  And trust me I will remind you in December/January!  Emoji

NOW….GET READY….SET………KEEP GOING!  We can do it!