What would happen if we relaxed?  I’m not just talking about taking a nap or putting your feet up and watching a movie.  I’m talking about relaxing over everything in your life – both the big stuff and the small stuff.  I’m talking about the worry that we all experience every day.

What if we decided to relax and let God handle it?  OH MY GOODNESS!  “What if He doesn’t do it right”  we might say.  Or “What if He thinks His way is best but I have a better idea?”

I’m here to tell you that He’s got it under control  Getting in the attitude of letting go and letting God handle things can really help you relax.   And what do you experience when you relax?  PEACE.  And PEACE is another fruit of having the Spirit living in you.  It’s such a sweet little circle of life.

It’s simple.  Yet so hard.  But I challenge you – and myself – to try it today.  Every time you start to worry about something, stop and say “God, it’s yours.  I’m not going to worry about that today.  I’m just going to relax.”  And then you find the most relaxing thing ever……….PEACE.

So go ahead………put your feet up, watch your movie, take a nap, talk to God.  Ahhhhhhh PEACE!

rest in hammock