I told you in my previous post that I chose the word RELAX for my “word for 2014”!  There is just something peaceful about the word RELAX.  When I say the word it tends to slow me down; it makes me stop worrying and focus on turning everything over to God who’s got it all under control.

The word RELAX also reminds me to enjoy every day to the fullest.  Life is about enjoying the journey.  I have so much to be thankful for with my family and my friends.  I love spending time with people and doing things for people.  I try to look for something fun in each day of my life.  In order to see the joy in each day, you have to be intentional.  We have to look for the blessings and look for the good in each day and enjoy the people surrounding us.  We have to make the most of every opportunity.

There’s a book called THE DASH and it talks about the dash on a tombstone meaning the years between the date of one’s birth and the date of one’s death.  The book encourages everyone to live that dash to the fullest.

Sometimes I don’t handle things the right way.  Sometimes I can’t relax.  Sometimes I get angry or worry.  Sometimes I don’t enjoy the journey.  But I’m going to try harder.  Starting today I’m going to try very hard to take these words to heart, RELAX and find JOY in my Journey.  We only have one life and we only get 24 hours a day to enjoy that life.

We’ve all been there when we realize life has passed us by so quickly.  We don’t want to blink and realize our kids are grown and we didn’t enjoy them OR realize the vacation is over and we didn’t relax OR realize our parents are getting older and we didn’t take time to enjoy their memories.

We have the blessing of TODAY.  I’m gonna relax and enjoy the journey because I want my DASH to be the biggest, fullest, happiest dash that any tombstone will ever have!

What’s on your DASH agenda today?