I read a book about picking a word each year that will reflect something you want to concentrate on for the new year.  This year I chose the word –  RELAX.

I chose RELAX because I need to do just that.

I need to RELAX with perfectionism.  I need to RELAX and enjoy the journey of each day.  I need to RELAX and not worry – to remember God is in control.  I need to RELAX and physically rest.

For today’s blog, I’ll start with relaxing with perfectionism.  I have always been a perfectionist with my house, having certain chores each day that need to be completed, walking through my house before I go to bed and making sure everything is put away and in order.  I wouldn’t leave my house without my bed being made and everything in its place.  I would stay up until all hours of the night so that I could get all my chores done and not miss an event with my kids but have everything in order so it would all be perfect!

This year I have decided to take a relaxation approach to my perfectionism.  Sometimes I feel like I am running a race but then I remember my word – RELAX – and realize that it’s not that my house is dirty or piled, but that I have decided to RELAX and not worry about perfectionism.  My girls were home over the weekend for Mother’s Day and not one time did they say “Mom, this house is such a mess”.  Nor did they say “Mom, this is house is so clean.”  Perfectionism doesn’t matter to my family.  Spending time with them is what matters.  Laughing, watching movies, eating M&M’s and looking at pictures are things that matter to them.

Perfectionism has always been something I tried to achieve.  But then I realized that there is only one Perfect Person and that was Jesus.  I can never reach perfectionism and I need to stop trying.  Instead I need to live my life with Excellence.  Excellence in all I do for my Savior – striving to be the best Christian I can be.  Paul messed up.  David messed up. The disciples messed up.  All were forgiven and were used by God because they kept coming back to RELAX in the arms of the Perfect one.  I Peter 5:7 – Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

This year I am training myself to put the journey to perfectionism aside because it’s impossible to reach.  But I had to start somewhere…………..I think I’ll just RELAX.