The other day I saw a nest of 3 baby birds. I got the binoculars out just so I could watch them. They were asleep for a while. Then they woke up chirping and opening their mouths because they were hungry. Pretty soon the momma bird came over with some worms to feed them. The momma bird seemed to stay around to protect them after they were awake until they settled down in a peaceful state again.

It reminded me of how we are a lot like those baby birds in our lives. We seem to be going through life peacefully and then some sort of problem comes our way and wakes us from that peace. We cry out to the Lord and he comes over with some spiritual food to help us. It’s at this time when we need scripture reading, prayer and worship time to help get us through the tough times.

When we have been fed, we seem to go back to the peaceful state. But God stays right there with us to protect us. Just like the momma bird, He opens His wings to cover us during the storm. We snuggle up in His presence and allow Him to cover us with His mercy and goodness. When He thinks we have learned whatever it is He wants us to learn from the storm, then He allows us to go back out into the world. The only way we can live in peace in this world though is to continue to come back to the nest and live with His protective hand constantly covering us, thanking Him all the while for His protection.

Don’t forget to come back home to the nest for a little rest. 