Whether it’s at grandma’s Sunday dinner or a prime spot in the theater, we want a good one.
We want one with our friends or close to the stage at a concert.
We want one on the front row of the play and on the 50-yard line at the football game.
We choose one with cushions and love those that recline.
We have some that fold up and some that remain stoic.
We have some that retreat into its own carrier and some that snap on the bleacher.
We shop for ones that match the decor and ones that fit well around the poolside.
We decide between leather and cloth for the ones in our cars and look for ones that fold down in our SUV’s.
We pay lots of money for a close one and use broken ones for flower pots.
We rock in some and swing in some.
We gather them around the bonfire and on third base line at the baseball game.
We have lots of them and love using them for company.

But Jesus has a special one for us.  He wants us to come to His table and sit in one.  He has one for all the sinners, the thieves, the murderers, the CEOs, the waiter, the preachers, the teachers, the liars, the addict as well as the saints.  All are welcome to sit in one.  He is inviting you to take one.  Won’t you claim yours now?

Come to His table and just sit a while.