As I got on the airplane, it was snowing.  Of all the times I’ve flown, I don’t think I have ever flown when it was icy and snowy out.  I was mesmerized by the de-icing process.  It looks like water they are spraying on the plane but obviously it is some kind of thawing solution.

As I sat there watching the liquid pounce off the wings of the plane I had a lot of anxious thoughts run through my mind.  What if the engine freezes up when we are at a really high altitude?  What if the windshield of the plane gets fogged up with frozen ice and the pilot can’t see?  What if chunks of ice break off and hit the plane and put a hole in it?

Crazy thoughts I know but real thoughts to me.  Then something that I had NEVER seen before in all my flying days happened… the pilot came from the cockpit as the stewardess requested the passengers in the exit aisle stand so that the pilot could inspect the wings to be sure we were ready for take off.

The pilot looked to the right.  Looked to the left.  Shook his head.  Thanked the passengers and went back to the cockpit and announced “we are ready for take off”.

So looking out the window at the wings on the plane from inside is supposed to make me feel better about take off and a 4-hour flight!!!  Holy cow.  I just continued to read my book.  I said a prayer as we were taxiing down the runway.  As we ascended and the flight became bumpier and bumpier into the clouds, I just prayed a little harder!  Once we reached our altitude it was pretty smooth for the rest of the flight.

We were at the mercy of the pilot.  He was in charge of making the decision if it was safe to leave.  He was in charge of flying this big rig and he was going to do his best to get us to the destination as quickly with as few bumps as possible.   Just like Jesus….He is in charge of our life.  He is the one to make the final decisions.  He knows what’s good for us and what route to take.  Sometimes we take a detour and He has to get us back on the right path.  No need to be afraid or worry about what could happen.  He is in charge.  We are not.

If only we would let him be the captain of our lives, our journey to the final destination would sure be a whole lot smoother.  Won’t you turn over the controls to the Pilot today.  He knows how to handle this “big rig” better than we do!  I hope your day is a smooth flight!