Have you ever noticed how loud the commercials are when you are watching a television show.  You are engulfed in the show and, always at the favorite part, it goes to a commercial.  The commercials are so much louder than the actual show.

I read one time where the advertisers did that on purpose.  There was a way to make the commercial louder so as to get your attention.  It’s annoying!

But that is how I feel the devil works in our lives.  I am focusing on the Lord, serving Him, worshiping Him, praying and then I get distracted by the noise of the world.  I start to do my devotions and my phone dings……it’s a text message and I probably should just check and see who it is.  Someone could need something.

“It’s my friend sending the latest picture of her new puppy.  Oh how cute that little guy is!!  That reminds me that I need to get more dog food for our dog.  I’ll just open up my Kroger® store app and put that in my cart.

Oh yea.  I also need to get some stuff for the pitch-in at work and the July 4th party at Suzi’s house.  What all was in that recipe I found on Pinterest® yesterday?  Let me flip over to my “recipe file” on my Pinterest app and see what all I need.  I will just go ahead and put those items in my online cart so I don’t forget.

Boy there is anything you ever want to know on this Pinterest app!  What a cute idea to paint Ball jars and put sprigs of holly in them as a centerpiece for a Christmas decoration!  Gee Whiz!  Is it only 6 months until Christmas.  I wonder what I should get my kids this year for Christmas.  And what about my Dad?  I didn’t even know what to get him for Father’s Day little lone Christmas.

And you know, there is that “Christmas in July” sale coming up on that one website where I can get Christmas cards for 50% off.  I wonder how many cards I will need this year?  We are doing that new online directory at church that will help me find addresses for people there so I should probably think about sending some extra cards to those folks at church.

I wonder how an online app for a church directory works?  That’s pretty cool.  Oh shoot!  Speaking of church, I have to get my daily devotions done this morning.  Oh brother!!  I am late for work!  I’ll just do it tonight if I have time or start over again tomorrow.”

It’s exhausting but that is exactly how the devil works and loves to distract us from our quiet time with the Lord or even bigger distractions when we are doing bigger things for the Lord.  Don’t let the noise of the devil distract you from the quiet time and the good things you are doing for God.

When you are focusing on God, silence the noise of the devil.  You know, just point the remote right at him and press mute!  You are in charge of your remote today!  (Hand it over guys….Father’s Day’s over!)