In today’s world we have so many outside forces demanding our attention it is easy to lose sight of the Simple things in life.  We have facebook, twitter, instagram, text messaging, cell phones and email.  We can never disconnect. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this social media when used properly.  But we need to remember that we do not need any technology to connect to the Almighty Powerful Creator of All.

God is right there waiting on us to put down the cell phone and close the laptops. When we have a problem, we don’t close our eyes and open our hearts to God to seek his direction.  We open the laptop or get on the cell phone and google our problem to find out what the world says is our solution – or a list of solutions we can try.

It can be very SIMPLE if we let it.  We need to learn to walk peacefully with our Lord and Saviour at all times.  When we have problems coming at us from all angles or just busy days and people demanding more and more of our time taking time away from our family and our quiet time with the Lord, we need to remember that SIMPLIFYIG our lives and reaching to the Lord for His guidance is all we need.   The more demanding our days, the more help we can expect from God if we ask Him.  God designed us to seek Him.

He is just like a parent.  Parents want to help us.  We want to help our children.  God wants to help us.  But when our children suffer on their own, it hurts us.  We just want them to ask us for help.  God is just like that.  He hates to see us suffer on our own when He has all we need if we just ask for it.   When we don’t know what to do or we are overwhelmed or feeling pulled in all different directions, we need to stop, SIMPLIFY and call upon the all-knowing God and let Him lead us.  We may have to wait a bit, but always trust that He knows what He is doing.  He will give us strength to get through anything.

Psalm 29:11 says The Lord gives strength to his people.  The Lord told Moses in Exodus 33:14:  “My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest.”

Let’s learn to SIMPLIFY our lives and when things get too complicated and demanding, remember the God of peace wants to give us strength and rest.