There he was in the middle of the road.

Neck stretched like a toe in a pair of pantyhose.
His four short, stubby legs carrying that hard shell across the heated blacktop.
Slow and steady.

I drove on the other side of the road to avoid him.  I looked in my rear view mirror as others followed suit.

I worried about that little turtle all day long.  Did he make it?  How long did it take him to get to the other side?  And does he even have any idea how dangerous it is to be exposed to the big, bad world of a busy road?

I thought about us.  People in this world.  How much we are like that turtle.  We stretch ourselves to try so hard to see what’s up ahead, around the corner of our lives.  We sometimes carry a hard outer shell making the world think we have it all together.  That we don’t need any help from God.

We trudge along this crazy, fast world doing our own thing, sometimes oblivious to God at all.  But we can’t continue down this path to destruction.  It’s time to acknowledge our Creator and commit to living for Jesus.  This world is not our home.  We are just passing through it.  We are just walking along the road until He decides our time has come to an end.

We don’t know when that will be.  Waiting to accept Christ into our lives is like being the turtle walking across the blacktop on a busy road!  We don’t need to wait until we get our life together.  We don’t need to wait until we get out of school or get a job or get married or have kids or the kids grow up or we reach a certain age.

Today is the day.  We don’t know how long we have.  Slow and steady does not win this race.  God wants us to follow Him and He wants us now.  There’s an urgency about this decision.  We don’t know how long we have to cross the road.

Think about it.  But not too long.  Jesus is waiting right now.  Won’t you take His hand and walk the rest of your life with Him?