School Zones.  Let’s be honest…….as we see those yellow flashing signs warning us to slow down in a school zone, we can become a little irritated – especially if it is the middle of the morning and we know the children are safe in the building and there is no bus traffic.  We are so tempted to keep our cruise control set on 55 or 60 and just breeze on through the school zone.

When the speed limit changes to a mere crawl of 25 miles an hour, it seems that we could get out and walk faster.  The slow zone seems to last for miles when in reality it is probably less than a half mile!  It’s good for us to have these reminders to slow down while going through an area where children are present.

God puts up these slow-down zones for us, too.  We know we need to rest.  We know we need to be going to church and praying more.  We know we need to be studying His word more and acting in a more gentle and kinder way.  But for some reason we just keep on plowing through each day.  We think we will start going to church more regularly when things slow down.  We think we will just get through this crisis and then read our Bible more.  We think we will just get through this stage in our life and then spend more time in prayer.  We see the flashing warning signs but we don’t slow down.

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.”  This is serious, folks.  Even more serious than a school zone speed limit.  We have to stop and find time with our Creator.  Heaven will not wait.  God is patient to a certain point but He may also be tired of waiting.

School zone signs are designed to slow us down.  How fast are you going? Do you get up and hit the road running?  Are you on the cell phone constantly?  Does your mind continue to plan for the next minute and never really focus on the conversation with your kids?  Are you eating on the run and burning the candle at both ends?

Look around and see what signs God is putting in your path to get you to slow down and focus on Him.  It’s time to hit the brake.  You are approaching the school zone.  Slow down.  Talk to Him.  Read about Him.   Visit Him.

Be……..still………..and ………know………that…. HE….. IS…… GOD!