I saw the strangest site the other day.  It was a tow truck towing an ambulance.  There seems to be a whole lot wrong with that picture!!

The ambulance is supposed to be rushing people who have an emergency to the hospital.  We rely on the ambulance to transport people quickly and safely and take care of them in the process.  The ambulance is looked at as the safety link when we are faced with a physical emergency.  We rely on them to get there quickly and stabilize the person until they can get to the hospital.

But sometimes even the thing we rely upon needs to be fixed.

It’s just like in life.  Sometimes we are relying upon something to be the safety net to fix us – to get us to that safe spot and out of our hurt.  We think we can call upon “stuff” to fix our issues – food, pain killers, alcohol, shopping, internet, affairs.  But everything outside of Jesus is only a temporary Band-Aid to fix our issues.  We need the tow truck.

Let’s plan today to put all of the “stuff” aside that we keep clinging to to help us fix our pain and just call the tow truck to haul us into the garage and let the Ultimate Mechanic fix this broken down heart.  He’s the Only One who can tow us in and fix us up right.

Romans 10:13 – For everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.