Spring break is on the horizon.  High schools and colleges give time off to students to take a break.  Teachers and professors take advantage of this much-needed break as well.  We hear stories of plans to take day trips and plans to take far-away trips – usually involving warm temperatures and some sunscreen!

Some take cruises.  Some go to Florida.  Some go to Cancun.  Some go to colder temperatures to get one last week of snow skiing under their belt for the year.  Wherever they go or whatever they do, the main focus is to relax and take a break from the everyday mundane schedules of life.

Growing up I didn’t hear as much about vacations on spring break during high school and in college it was usually somewhere you could drive and it wasn’t every year but rather maybe your senior year as we began thinking about going out in the real world.  But nowadays life is just so fast paced and busy that we see an opportunity to relax and we take it!

We need to take those breaks each day to refresh in our spiritual life as well.  I may not have class every day and research papers to write anymore, but the demands on me seem to grow more and more with my job and other activities.  Life is just busy and if you want to stay on top of everything it’s hard to give yourself time to take a break.

But here is your opportunity.  Whether it’s a spring break, a summer break, a fall break or a winter break you are in need of, I can guarantee you that a day break starting with your Bible, a daily devotion (perhaps Extra Hot Fudge Please  wink-wink) and a couple of minutes of prayer thanking God for your blessings and asking Him to help you through the day will give you the much-needed break for the journey ahead.

So grab your Bible, your devotion, your beach towel and your sunscreen and let’s get started on this Spring Break excitement! Relaxation awaits!