“Everything is subject to change.”

A message strategically placed on a semi.  The italicized words in black against the white background caught my eye.

Everything is subject to change.

It stirred something inside of me.  Like a myriad of crazy emotions.  Almost like excitement followed by shortness of breath followed by a smile followed by aggravation.

I don’t really like change unless I can see its benefits.  However, sometimes I like the surprise of change.   See what I mean?  Crazy emotions!

I thought about what we are going through now with the pandemic and how everything really is subject to change.  Vacation spots that normally have a 15-day cancellation policy is changed to 24 hours.

One day we can go into WalMart without a mask and the next day it’s required.  One day we can only get takeout from our favorite restaurant and the next day we are allowed to eat inside with social distancing.

Sports that are scheduled have changed.  TV show “new seasons” have changed.   The release of new box office movies have changed.

I’ve changed.  You’ve changed. We’ve all changed.  (Sounds like Dr. Seuss!  🙂  )

But you know what is NOT subject to change?  The Bible.  The gospel.  Jesus.

Hebrews 13:8 – Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

In Bible days, the Lord dealt with the same ole junk and evil that we deal with today.  They had plagues and pandemics.  They had earthquakes and floods.  They had sickness and death.  They had miracles and salvation.  They had good days and bad days.  And yet, God and His Word never change.

So, you see, not EVERYTHING is subject to change.  And for that I am very thankful.  I feel alive again.  I feel a sense of excitement.  I feel a new-found energy and hope that reminds me He is in control.

Read Hebrews 13 and see how we need to keep on loving and encouraging and having hope to show the world that when things are crazy out there, we can find an anchor in a never-changing Lord.

Even though our TV shows, our vacations and our rules are subject to change, just remember that the One who created everything that goes into everything is NOT subject to change for anything!