My great-nephew is beginning to walk and he is so fun.  He stands up and knows where he wants to go and starts to take off and falls down.  In the last several months, he started with crawling.  Then he would pull himself up.  Then he would walk around things holding on.  Then he would stand but didn’t really know HOW to take steps.  Then he learned to take one step, then two steps and pretty soon he was walking pretty steady by himself.  He still stumbles now and then and likes for us to hold his hand as he wraps those sweet little fingers around mine.

It reminds me of our walk with Jesus.  We know how we should act.  We study it and sometimes we just can’t get it right.  We sin every day.  But Jesus is right there holding out His hand to help us walk through this world; through these life experiences.  The more we walk through the difficulties of life, the stronger we get.  The more we need Jesus, the more we reach for Him and hold His hand and wrap our fingers around His.

As you go through this Christian life, it’s okay to start out taking baby steps.  It’s okay when you stumble and fall.  Don’t hesitate to take Jesus up on His offer to hold your hand.  If you need Him, reach for Him.  Don’t try to go through this life on your own because YOU WILL stumble.  You can’t do it alone.  Some days we will just want to fall down and give up.  But don’t let the frustrations of this life allow you to quit.  Just reach up and grab His hand and let Him lead you right through the day……one baby step at a time.