Beanie. Fedora. Beret. Baseball. Hard. Pillbox. Sailor. Cowboy. Top.

Kinds of hats.

Hats are a big business in this country.  We even have stores that sell ONLY hats!  Most hats serve a purpose – to keep us warm, to advertise our favorite team, to cover up our messy hair, to identify our career, to bring a little fun into our day or to make a fashion statement.

Construction workers wear hard hats to keep their heads safe from falling debris.  Football players wear helmets to keep their heads safe from impact on the field.  We should be as prepared when we head out for our heavy job today.

The most important hat for each of us to wear each day is the helmet of salvation that Paul talks about in Ephesians 6.  It’s our hard hat against the devil.

The devil is going to be throwing bricks at us and hitting us hard from every direction.  Without the proper hat he may knock us down.  But with the helmet of salvation, the simple truth of trusting God and believing in Jesus, we have the protection to withstand whatever is thrown our way.

As you head into your day, remember what your mom used to say:  “Don’t forget your hat”  because trust me, that helmet of salvation sure looks good on you!