I give up.  I give in. Toxic out.  You win.

I am on Day 10 of a 10-day body detox program.  I’ve fought it for several years.  My holistic nurse has said she thought the detox could get rid of the toxins in my body, help me physically feel better, jump start my weight loss and teach me how I can change my diet when I have been so resistant to it.

Well it’s day 10 and she was right.  I just woke up on September 22 and decided that was the day.  No more procrastinating.

So I encouraged myself and said, “That’s it.  It’s time to do this thing.  It’s time to detox.  I give up.  I give in. Toxins out.  You win.”

Who was I even talking to?  Who wins?  My nurse?  Me?  God?

Yes, I add God in there because I knew He had been telling me to do this detox for a while.  I kept resisting because I don’t love veggies.  I do love chocolate and sugar.  And frankly….the real reason….I don’t like to be told what to do.

There I said it.  I like to be in control.

But when I followed the guidelines and drank the shake, cut out the sugar and carbs, ate more veggies and fruits and protein, I felt so much better!  I have more energy.  My attitude is better.  My body doesn’t ache like it did.  And bonus – I lost 3 pounds.  🙂

It is true.  Getting the toxins out, focusing on putting good things in and giving up that stubborn control really did make a difference in how I felt.

But I don’t think God was just telling me to do this for my body.  I think He was also telling me to do this for my soul.  For my spiritual soul.

And I did.

I woke one morning for my regular routine of devotions and quiet time, treadmill, shower and work.  But that morning was different.  That morning I knew I needed to spend extra time with the Lord.  I knew the detox that day had to be my heart.

The toxins I had been carrying around for so long had to go.  Worry.  Control.  Stubborness.  I sat in my quiet place and read scripture and devotion and cried.  Not a loud sob but rather a gentle, constant, few minutes of soft tears continually flowing from my eyes, down my cheeks, across my jaw bone and onto my neck.

I let them flow as I softly spoke to Jesus to take it all.  To take my burdens.  To take my worry, my need to control and that doggone stubborn spirit.  To rid me of all the toxins.

And when I did, there was peace.  My body and my spirit felt cleansed.  My heart didn’t hurt anymore.  I had jump started my trust in Jesus again.  I felt hope.

Just like the detox for my physical self, I needed a detox for my spiritual self.

If you need a spiritual detox, I encourage you to ask God where to start.  Just sit in a quiet place.  Confess your sins, your worries, your stubborness.  And then let Him take control and do the cleaning for you.

It’s worth it.  Give up.  Give in.  Toxins out.  You win.