I saw a sign the other day that said “Welcome to the Church With No Walls”.  Now it was in a climate that was known for warm weather most of the year and it lent itself in my mind to a very open and relaxed atmosphere of worship where people could wear shorts and tank tops; could almost come and go as you please and they wanted anyone to feel comfortable worshiping in this environment.

What a novel concept huh?  That’s exactly how we should be as the representative of God’s church.  A church is known as a building but also as the body of Christ – the Christians, the believers – those who make up “the church”.  We represent the “traveling church” so to speak.  We are Christ on wheels!

Let us practice each day to be the church with no walls.  Welcoming all to come and know Jesus and worship with him no matter what they wear  or what is in their past or present; no matter what they look like or how they sound.  God loves us all and wants Christians to be a good witness to all people so that those who are on the outside of Christianity will want to slip in and see what this Jesus is all about and how He can be their strength and joy.

Let’s be the traveling church… the church with no walls.  God allowed the thick walls of Jericho to come crashing down with His power and asking the people to simply march around the walls blowing the trumpets.  If God moved the walls of Jericho, He can move people’s hearts to know more about Him through our example.  Keep moving and keep the walls open.  All are welcome to learn more about my God – who can be their God – who is the King of Kings and rules this entire world!

Let the walls come tumbling down! Be the church with no walls!

Joshua 6:20 – When the trumpets sounded, the people shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the people gave a loud shout, the walls collapsed!